What to Expect when you go to the Formation Tour.

Hi Everyone!

So something amazing happened to me recently.. I WENT TO BEYONCE’S CONCERT!!!!! Yes I finally saw Beyonce and it was the best day of my life!!! It’s been 4 days since the concert and I’m still trying to process what happened. If you’re going to the Formation Tour, I wanna give you some tips:

Get There Early.. FOR THE MERCH!


Now it makes sense to get their early for parking, but you need to leave early to get her merchandise!! Beyonce’s tour merchandise is amazing and sells out super quick! I really wanted the bomber jacket and I couldn’t find it anywhere! I even got there an hour and a half early! I somehow met one of the top security guys for this concert and he said the bomber jacket sold out an hour before… This jacket is absolutely gorgeous; it kinda reminds me of the jackets Michel Jackson use to sell when he was on tour. I was on the verge of offering to pay double off a person!! If anyone goes to her concert and wants to buy me one (I’ll pay you back!), I want a small!

Check the Venue’s rules


This sounds crazy, but check if the venue has any rules. When I was getting ready, I  received tons of alerts and tags on the Rose Bowl’s purse rule. Apparently we weren’t allowed to bring a purse in but my friend and I were able to. We did see some girls be sent off because their purse were bigger than the requirements so just double check.

Watch DJ Khaled


Beyonce’s opener is DJ Khaled; I’m eh about him and used his stage time to go look for my sold out jacket. When we finally went to his set, SNOOP DOG WAS PERFORMING WITH HIM!!!!  Apparently he had other celebrities on stage with him too! I’m not sure if it’s because I was at the LA show but heads up!

Wear Waterproof Mascara


Wear waterproof mascara because you will cry. I ugly cried like 5 times and when I left the concert, I had mascara marks down my face.

Your outfit needs to slay


An awesome outfit is a duh but also make sure you’re going to feel comfortable in it! We saw so many girls wear 6 inch heels (no pun) walking on the grass, looking super fierce and then they ate it. Just remember, you’re probably going to be standing throughout the entire concert so wear shoes that are somewhat comfortable. If you want something comfortable and Beyonce themed, try her Ivy Park line!

Thanks mom and dad for the most amazing graduation present! This is the best way to end my college career 🙂 Are any of you guys going to the Formation tour? Let me know!!!

I hope this helps anyone going to the Formation Tour. If you liked today’s post, please click the like button and don’t forget to subscribe. I’m still trying to figure out a new schedule date so please bare with me!

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