Adult-ing Favorites.

Hello Everyone!

5 months has been TOO LONG OF A BREAK! I FREAKIN’ MISS BLOGGING! 😭 In a short couple of sentences, let me fill you in on what has happened to me. In the past 5 months I, Laura Kamada, was dealing with Adult-ing Problems. Yes I know at the age of 18 you are technically an adult and when you’re in college you are an adult but there are different levels of adult-ing. There’s the college adult problems and there’s the post college adult problems. I was going through post college adult problems; it’s a weird transition that all college graduates deal with.

When I actually had a blogging schedule, I use to do Monthly Favorites. I don’t have any November favorites.. come to think of it, November went by too quick for me to remember what were my favorite items. Instead I want to share with you guys my favorite things that have helped me through my post college adult-ing problems.



Let’s all agree that I have a shopping problem. Well guess what, I wanted to manage my shopping habits better! My friend, Laura (not me), introduced me to the app, Mint. Mint is a money manager app that tracks your spending. So I can see if I’ve been spending more on clothes, groceries, gas etc.  It can also help you create budgets and it will alert you if you go over your budget. I really like this app because it is very easy to lose track on what you purchased so it’s nice to have an app that reminds me I’m on a budget.



My job requires me to be on the computer all day. I noticed my vision was getting a bit blurry so I went to see my eye doctor. She told me I still have 20/20 vision, but the reason why my vision get blurry is because I’m not blinking. When you stare at a screen all day long, your eyes are extremely focused which is straining them. The best way to prevent your eyes from getting tired is to do the 20- 20- 20 rule. She recommended me to download the blinking app.. I could not find the blinking app so for the past couple of weeks I had a post it note on my desk that said “blinking app” as a reminder.


I lost the post it note so I was forced to find a blinking app. I’ve been testing out the TimeFor20 app and so far I like it more than the post it note! This app actually alerts me that my 20 minutes are up and I need to look away for 20 seconds. Bonus, it’s a free app!

Adult-ing is Hard


My sweet friend, Sarah Kelly, invited me to Artisanal La which is an event that allows local vendors to sell their unique items. I found this hilarious Adult-ing is Hard mug and I knew I had to have it. Plus it fit my budget so this was a win. BTW this mug was created by Chez Gagné, make sure to check them out!



This sounds so cheesy but my close knit friends really helped me through this weird stage in my life. It’s so much easier to make friends in college because you see these people in your classes. You’re paying to be around these people for two to five hours a week so of course you are going to start talking with each other. But once you graduate college and you have a full time job, it’s really hard to stay connected to those friends. Another thing, your co-workers are probably older than you and they’re on a higher level of life so it’s kinda challenging connect with these people. It’s nice to have a group of friends that are the same boat as you because it make adult-ing a little bit easier.



The first two months of me adult-ing made me extremely unmotivated. I did not want to workout, I did not want to cook and I did not want to talk to anyone. I just wanted to be left alone and sleep the days off. It sounds like I was depressed but honestly, I was just really tired. You get to pick your schedule in college and if you worked part time, you make it work within your school schedule. My last semester I worked from nine to three on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays and on Tuesdays and Thursdays I had two classes which was from eleven to four. I had free time to whatever I needed to do. When you work full time, you lose that free time. After working from eight to five, you just want to go home and not wear pants (Can I get a YAS on that?).

But you can’t be that way because it’s not healthy. I made the decision to work somewhere full time and it was my decision to be unmotivated.  We have the power to make decisions so I made the decision to re- motivate myself. Obviously I didn’t gung ho it, I took baby steps: I started walking up the stairs instead of taking the elevator. I went to my club meetings to make me go out and talk with people. I tried to run thirty minutes a day (again still trying.. it’s winter so let me be). I’m back to cooking my favorite vegan meals 🙌  And now I am motivating myself to restart my blog.

To anyone who is dealing with Adult-ing Problems, just know it’s normal and you are not alone. YOU WILL GET THROUGH THIS! If you liked today’s post please click the like button and if you haven’t already please subscribe to my blog. Thanks for reading!

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