December Favorites.

Hi Everyone!

Happy New Year!!! Even though this post was supposed to go up on Sunday, I told you I would go back to blogging. Well you know the drill, here’s my December favorites:

Matte Nude Nails


If you ever looked at my nails, you would know I stick to one of the four nail colors: nude, black, white and gold. I was going to go for my usual nude polish but my nail lady suggested a different shade of nude. I thought it was too pink so she suggested we put a matted clear coat on top. I am beyond obsessed, I feel like Kylie Jenner! Obviously, I need a fill asap but expect another matted nude shade.

Urban Decay Naked Ultimate Basics

Speaking of matted colors, I got Urban Decay’s Naked Ultimate Basics for Christmas!!! All of my eyeshadow palettes are nude glittery shades; I don’t own one that’s matted. I want my “natural” eyeshadow to make me look like one of those girls on Instagram… I’m still not on that level yet 😫 but so far I do love this palette! Thank you Laura, my friend not me, for getting me this!!! You’re the real MVP ❤️

Urban Decay Liquid Eyeliner


I’m trying to go for more of a natural eye look but I cannot leave the house without eyeliner. In the words of American Dad, “they make my eyes pop like firecrackers”. I’ve been testing out this Urban Decay Razor Sharp and so far I really like it. I’m using the Demolition which is a metallic dark brown. It’s not super sparkly but doesn’t make my skin look dull. This eyeliner also stays on FOREVER! I can even workout with it on and it won’t smug (*SIDE NOTE: DO NOT WORKOUT WITH MAKEUP ON). The ever-lasting eyeliner does have a downside, though. I use Latisse and my new baby eyelashes are getting ripped out my eyeliner WON’T COME OFF. Just be careful when you use this.

If anyone has any other liquid eyeliner brand suggestions, please let me know! I love trying new makeup!

Pilates/ Barre


I am one of those people that hate going to the gym when it’s freezing outside. I would rather stay home in my cozy bed but then again I want to get skinny. So to force myself to go to the gym, I’ve been going to Pilates/ Barre more. I scheduled my appointments a week in advance so it forces me to work out. I’m not going to lie, I went to a lot of classes last month. My parents even had a talk with me because I was going four or five times in a week. Either way, I got toned so I’m happy!

P.S. you guys should totally follow my instructor’s Instagram page, @PilatesStreet!

Sriracha 2 Go


I found individual sriracha packets online and the rest is history. Obviously, this is on my December favorites! Sriracha is delicious!! I love that there’s a travel size tube but knowing me, I would accidently leave the top open and it would spill all over my clothes. This is a safer option for me and I can pull these packets like a BOSS.

Sriracha, if you’re looking for a spokesperson, I’m ready to be your Beyonce.


Well, that’s all of my favorites in December. It was a super small list but I think it’s because the holidays consumed me. What were your December favorites? Let me know in the comments below!!

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