May’s Motivation

Well hello, everyone!

I’m baaacccckkkkkk!!


But seriously, I’m back and you’re probably thinking, “she said this last year” 😑 and you’re right.

The last time I blogged was in December and it was more of an, “I want to keep my blog alive” type of post but there was nothing special about it. And I have a feeling you knew that too, it didn’t get a lot of responses or views. When 2017 started, I had to ask myself, where was your motivation that you had in 2015? And that’s when I realized, I lost it. I needed to find my passion and that required me to put my blog on a halt. It wasn’t until May I regained my motivation.

I use to do these monthly favorite posts to show everyone what products, items, etc, I loved that month. I’ve always loved reading and watching monthly favorites because I am always looking for new things to try. For today’s post, I’m technically doing a favorites posts, but these are the things that helped motivate me last month.

Protein Smoothies


Wanna know what kick started my motivation? I love putting together outfits, especially for events. Mother’s day was coming up so I needed to figure out what to wear. I have this tight white midi dress that looks good for every occasion and I wanted to wear that with a rusty pink duster jacket. Well, I tried my white dress on AND IT DIDN’T FIT!!!


Let it be known, I’ve owned this dress for two years and it always fit me. I was so upset that I went on a cleanse, worked out daily and would only eat the 3S*: Soups, smoothies, and salads. Right now I am obsessed with green protein smoothies! My favorite is smoothie if from a place called, Raw Earth Juicery (not pictured) and I get their Mango Pineapple Protein! It has mangos, pineapple, organic dates, homemade almond milk, hemp protein, spinach, and kale.

I feel that when you are working out, your endorphins are kicking in which helps you to do more things. The lesson here is, never underestimate Elle Woods.

Btw dress fits me again and I was able to wear it at Mother’s Day brunch.




If you ask my coworkers what’s my latest obsession, they will probably say, Butterfish. Butterfish is like Chipotle for poke bowls but if you don’t like fish, they also have veggies! Since I am on this 3S cleanse, I’ve been purchasing veggie bowls with lettuce for my lunch. These bowls are pretty big so it definitely holds you over throughout the day. I really like how you can order Butterfish from their app and they have a pickup window. Have you tried Butterfish yet? What’s your favorite bowl?



I am apart of a non-profit organization called the Red Shoe Society. We are a group of young professionals that help bring awareness to our local Ronald McDonald House. A couple weeks ago, CycleBar had a charity ride and portion of the proceeds go back to the House. A couple of RSS members and I decided to sign up and we survived!

I’m not going to lie, the first 20 minutes were hell; I don’t do intense workouts, I’m more of a Pilates type of person. Once you pass the 20-minute mark, my body went into this “I AM GOING TO KICK ASS” mode and your stress/ anxiety melts away. I left CycleBar dripping in sweat but I felt amazing. Ever since then I purchased a membership and I’ve been going at least once a week.



Speaking of Pilates, I have been working my ass off at my local Pilates studio. One thing I’ve been focusing on is my abs. FYI I don’t have abs but I want some form of abs. I decided another way to motivate me to work on my abs is by purchasing an 80s black one piece. It’s very Khloe Kardashian. Wish me luck that I can do this!!!

I just realized a lot of my “May Motivation” is working out and eating healthy. To me, it’s kinda funny since I started my blog after going vegan and working out every single day. We have come full circle ladies and gents! Keep your eyes out for my next post!

By the way, I don’t know if you noticed this, but I finally updated my website!! I’m obviously not a web designer and it’s still in the works, but let me know what you think 😊

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