I went to the Museum of Ice Cream!

Hello, Everyone!

Last week my friend Laura (yes I have a friend named Laura) and I went to LA to check out the Museum of Ice Cream! We’ve been planning this trip for about a month so you can imagine how excited we were! If you’re planning on visiting the Museum of Ice Cream, here are some tips:

Get there Early!

Our time slot was at 1 pm but we wanted to get to the Museum of Ice Cream early since we had no idea where it was. Plus we wanted to see if there was parking. We got down there around 11 and we had a couple of hours to spare so we grabbed brunch at Urth Cafe. Even when we were done with brunch we were not even close to our time slot. We went back to the museum to check in and they had a really fun waiting area with hula hoops, large connect four and corn hole. You were never bored waiting to get in and they let us in 30 minutes early!

Side note: there is parking! They also have their own parking lot which is like $6 for two hours valet parking and $2 for every hour after parking. To save money, try to find a street that doesn’t make you pay.

Bring a backup charger

You’re going to be taking a lot of pictures and that’s going to kill your battery. I went to the museum with 100% battery and left there with barely 20%. My friend has an Apple smart battery case that uses the battery case first then the phone and she didn’t have to charge her phone all day! But if you’re on a tight budget, bring a portable charging stick!

Help your fellow group members

You are going to be put into groups when you first go in. We were really lucky that this group of four would take pictures of us and vice versa. I noticed a lot of people didn’t want to ask for help to take pictures, don’t be shy and ask! Help your fellow group members get that Insta shot!

Grab your spot in the Sprinkle Pool

The Museum of Ice Cream is known for their pool filled with sprinkles. Yes, you read that right, A POOL FILLED WITH SPRINKLES!!!  You only get like 10 minutes in the pool so try to find a spot asap and stay in your spot! People do not care about personal boundaries and they’re trying to get their Instagram pic. Don’t be shy and just do it!

For my germaphobes, just know you are not allowed to wear your shoes in the pool and you will be sharing the small pool with a group of 10 people.

If you have the chance to check it out, go! It’s such a fun experience and you get ice cream! These tickets do sell out quick, I got my tickets a month in advance. I had the Museum of Ice Cream Instagram’s push notifications on so I knew when the presale was happening.

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