Product Review: Lexli Day Moisturizer and Lightening Lift PLUS GIVEAWAY!

Hi Everyone!

My friends at Lexli were kind enough to send me their Day Moisturizer for oily skin and their Lightening Lift. I’m an avid user of Lexli products so I was beyond excited to try these two products!

Lightening Lift


I live in the Central Valley and it’s beyond hot! I’m talking about triple digits with the A/C on blast (rip bank account 💀) and we’re breathing in the ashes from the fires. With all of these elements, it’s making my skin looks super dry and very dull. Lexli told me their Lightening Lift will help make my skin look brighter and it will improve the texture. At this point, I was down for anything. It comes in a pump bottle that looks like a face wash but it’s technically a thick caramel color mask that you leave it on for 15 minutes. When I first tried this, it felt like I was wiping sticky thick honey on my face. Then it gets extremely stiff to the point you can’t smile but that goes away once you wash your face.


I can honestly say this product is a gift from the Gods! It made my skin soft as a baby’s bottom and it did brighten up my skin. If you’re dealing with acne, dull skin etc you gotta try this!

Day Moisturizer for Oily Skin


I wish I can lightly dab my sweaty face without leaving a ton of makeup on a towel like Beyonce. But I’m not Beyonce and when it’s this hot, I am not going to wear a full face of makeup if there’s no reason for it. I do like wearing a moisturizer but a lot of moisturizers I’ve used were either really greasy or very heavy. I really like Lexli’s Day Moisturizer. It comes in a gel form and it’s extremely light. Since this is made out of aloe, it’s also great for sunburns!

If you would like to try the Lightening Lift, Lexli is doing a giveaway! Five lucky winners will get a chance to win a bottle of Lightening Lift AND a bottle of Tone & Balance. Make sure to enter their giveaway before August 1st!

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