We went to the Color Factory!

Hi Everyone!

I went on another fun day trip and this time I went to San Francisco for the Color Factory! The Color Factory is a pop-up interactive experience filled with two floors of Instagram worthy photo ops!


If you are planning on visiting, congrats on getting tickets! I know how challenging it was to get them a month in advance. I do have some tips that can help make your experience more enjoyable:

Wear breathable clothes (and deodorant)

I’m not sure if it was because we were in an older building in San Francisco or it’s because there was a lot of people so it was from extra body heat but you will sweat. It probably didn’t help me since I was wearing a skin-tight denim jumpsuit. If you go, obviously wear something cute but also keep in mind of this. Also, wear deodorant. You’re sharing a space with people and no one wants to smell BO.

Bring a Portable Phone Charger

The last fun museum I went to was back in June for the Museum of Ice Cream and I killed my phone battery by taking so many pictures. This time, I bought the Apple Smart Case and I cannot say anything bad about it! 🙌 My phone was still at 100% when I left the Color Factory and I was taking photos and Instastories all day.

Bring a nice camera

If you don’t want to kill your battery, I would also recommend bringing a nice camera with you! There are so many photo opportunities and everything is extremely detailed so you want to make sure your camera picks that up. I wish I brought my DSLR camera but I was already bringing too much stuff up.

Parking is expensive

On the Color Factory website, they said the closest parking garage is at Union Square. I believe Union Square charges per hour and we were at the Color Factory for almost an hour and a half so the parking price was $16. So just a heads up for those on a tight budget.

I know for a fact the tickets are sold until September but if you don’t have tickets and wanted to see the exhibit, I did an awkward vlog that you can watch!

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