Museum of Ice Cream: LA vs. SF

Last year my friends and I were trying to go to the Happy Place but the week we had tickets to go, the company temporarily closed the pop-up museum due to not having the correct city permits. So we got our refund and used it to go to the Museum of Ice Cream in San Francisco! When I told my family I was going back to the MOIC they thought I was wasting money because I already went to the MOIC Los Angeles last year. In reality, I wasn’t. The two museums, technically three if you are counting the Miami location, are owned by the same person but each museum is laid out differently with similar themes. The only thing that is the same in each museum is the famous Sprinkle pool.

For today’s blog post, I broke down my pros and cons of MOIC Los Angeles and MOIC San Francisco:

MOIC LA VS SF- updated.jpg

I personally liked the Los Angeles location because I felt like it flowed better. Each room had an employee that asked a question: some were fun, some were meaningful and some were personal. The Los Angeles location had employees in each room but I don’t remember them asking us questions to that extent. I understand that they did that to break up the time of each room, but it took us over 2 hours to get through the San Fransico museum and it didn’t feel organized. My friend and I went through the MOIC Los Angeles in 45 minutes. I’m also bitter because the cotton candy guy asked me “who do I appreciate” and when I said Beyonce, he did not like my answer and wanted something more meaningful.

Another thing to think of is what is your budget. You have to think about how much you are traveling, how much are you spending on a hotel, is there parking meters or parking garages? These are things to keep in mind. I can tell you, I did spend more money in San Francisco because we had to pay the toll to get in and out, San Francisco has a food tax and their parking garage prices are insane. I didn’t add all of that to my graphic because this is within the city, not with MOIC itself.

The Los Angeles location is closed but that doesn’t mean you’re not going to have fun at the San Francisco location! They have a lot more rooms than the Los Angeles location like the unicorn room, the animal circus cookie and the “hidden” disco room. I didn’t know this until I got there but the animal circus cookie moves!! I was really happy that the San Fransico location had options for those who are vegan and lactose intolerant! When I went to the Los Angeles location, I couldn’t eat anything there. Plus they have three different swing backgrounds which make amazing photos!

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