Stores for Fall Decorations.

My favorite season is fall and it's not because PSL are back. I love that pumpkins can work for both October and November. Ever since I moved out on my own, I love putting seasonal decorations up. I even did a blog post on a DIY Glitter Pumpkins last year. It was fun making them … Continue reading Stores for Fall Decorations.

March Haul.

Hello Everyone! I really enjoyed doing the beauty haul last time and it seem like most of you guys liked it as well. I figured it is time to do a March Haul! As we all know I am a shopaholic but for this haul, I didn't purchase all of the items. If you saw my … Continue reading March Haul.

DIY Christmas Banner.

Hello Everyone! The end of Thanksgiving means the birth of Christmas decorations. I love decorating my house but purchasing Christmas decor can be expensive. This year I decided why not make my own Christmas banner for my fireplace. It was easy to create, it's inexpensive and it looks adorable. You will need: Fabric, fabric scissors, stencil letters, triangle … Continue reading DIY Christmas Banner.

Me, my Bed and H&M.

Since January, I wanted to get a new duvet for my bed to update my room. I am extremely picky on fabric, print, material and color; finding a duvet that fits my standards and blends well with my vintage/bohemian/woodland creature flow was going to be tough. I am not one to give up especially on … Continue reading Me, my Bed and H&M.