Birthday Giveaway!

Hi Everyone, My birthday is coming up... Surprise! I'm getting old! I am not a huge fan of celebrating my birthday; I love celebrating my friend's birthdays but I hate celebrating mine. Don't ask, I'm just weird. Typically people guy gifts for those celebrating their birthday. I wanted to do something different. I teamed up … Continue reading Birthday Giveaway!

December/ January Favorites.

Hi Everyone, I just realized I never did a December Favorites post.. and it's February. I'm a terrible blogger. To make up for December, I decided I will combine my December and January favorites for today. Just a fair warning, this one is going to be long but I promise it's good! Enjoy! Pilates Remember … Continue reading December/ January Favorites.

March Haul.

Hello Everyone! I really enjoyed doing the beauty haul last time and it seem like most of you guys liked it as well. I figured it is time to do a March Haul! As we all know I am a shopaholic but for this haul, I didn't purchase all of the items. If you saw my … Continue reading March Haul.

California Girls are Unforgettable and neither is Damaged Skin.

My friend recently told me the unthinkable; she said, “I don’t wear sunscreen”. To me, this is madness. We both live in an area of California that is exposed to a lot of sun and it is very easy to rock some crazy tan lines. Some of the most popular ones in the area are: … Continue reading California Girls are Unforgettable and neither is Damaged Skin.