Product Review: Lexli Day Moisturizer and Lightening Lift PLUS GIVEAWAY!

Hi Everyone! My friends at Lexli were kind enough to send me their Day Moisturizer for oily skin and their Lightening Lift. I'm an avid user of Lexli products so I was beyond excited to try these two products! Lightening Lift I live in the Central Valley and it's beyond hot! I'm talking about triple … Continue reading Product Review: Lexli Day Moisturizer and Lightening Lift PLUS GIVEAWAY!

December Favorites.

Hi Everyone! Happy New Year!!! Even though this post was supposed to go up on Sunday, I told you I would go back to blogging. Well you know the drill, here's my December favorites: Matte Nude Nails If you ever looked at my nails, you would know I stick to one of the four nail colors: … Continue reading December Favorites.

My Favorite Christmas Movies.

Hi Everyone! I'm so happy that it's December because now no one can judge me for binge watching Christmas Movies! When I was younger, I use to spend my Christmases in Las Vegas, Nevada. My brother and I were either stuck with a nanny or stuck in the hotel room. We would watch a lot of Christmas … Continue reading My Favorite Christmas Movies.

Christmas Home Decor Haul.

Last year, I bought my Christmas decorations in December which means I got the left over items no one wanted. You would think I would learn my lesson but I didn't. I bought my fall decorations late this year too. I wasn't going to make that mistake again; I decided to do my Christmas decoration shopping … Continue reading Christmas Home Decor Haul.

October Favorites.

I feel like I need to explain why I haven't been posting for the past two weeks. October wasn't the greatest for me: I had the stomach flu, I was throwing up constantly, I was dealing with midterms, I am working on a project and to top it all off, my grandmother passed away. Nothing … Continue reading October Favorites.

Vegans can get food poisoning too.

I've only gotten food poisoning twice in my 22 years of existence; the first time was when I was 14 years old when I ate a take away California roll. The second time I got food poisoning was these past couple of days. I'm 100% positive it was my eggplant mushroom rice bowl. Either way, … Continue reading Vegans can get food poisoning too.