22 Days Vegan Success Story.

Hi Everyone! Guess what?? I was recently featured on 22 Days Nutrition's Blog! I was asked to share my Vegan journey/ success story with the internet. I am so extremely lucky to have found a wonderful company that has supported me the past year and a half. Thank you Marco Borges, Yenney, Allison and the rest … Continue reading 22 Days Vegan Success Story.

Common Asked Vegan Questions.

Hi everyone! When I tell people that I'm vegan, the common questions I get are: "What do you eat?" "Are you sick of cooking?" "Isn't it expensive being vegan?" "Can you eat out?" I understand that people are curious; before I went vegan, I use to ask the same questions. I grew up in a family … Continue reading Common Asked Vegan Questions.

I’m in Woman’s World Magazine!!!

Hi Everyone! I can finally announce that I did a mini interview with Woman's World Magazine!!! You're probably wondering, "How in the world did that happen?!" Let me explain. For my new readers, let me give you a quick summary on me becoming vegan. Before my 22nd birthday, I decided to do the 22 Days Vegan Challenge because Beyoncé did … Continue reading I’m in Woman’s World Magazine!!!

22 Days Nutrition’s Vegan Meals.

Hi Everyone! If you're my usual readers, you guys know that I went vegan thanks to 22 Days Nutrition. I love their products, especially their Pineapple Chocolate Chip Wonder Bar. Recently, 22 Days Nutrition started a delivery meal service that is 100% plant based. The company decided to send me a gift and surprised me with … Continue reading 22 Days Nutrition’s Vegan Meals.

22 Days Nutrition

Back in March, I decided to pull a Beyonce and do the 22 Days Vegan Challenge. The 22 Days Vegan Challenge is a food challenge that requires you to eliminate all animal based products from your diet for only twenty- two days. "Studies have showed that if you do something continuously for twenty-one days, it … Continue reading 22 Days Nutrition