December/ January Favorites.

Hi Everyone, I just realized I never did a December Favorites post.. and it's February. I'm a terrible blogger. To make up for December, I decided I will combine my December and January favorites for today. Just a fair warning, this one is going to be long but I promise it's good! Enjoy! Pilates Remember … Continue reading December/ January Favorites.

November Lush Haul.

My friend, Sarah, and I went to Lush Cosmetics last week. Don't believe me? I vlogged about it on my YouTube channel #ShamelesslySelfPromoting. If you watched my vlog, thank you, you probably noticed I added unnecessary background music when I was buying bath bombs.  There's a reason why I did that... I wanted to show … Continue reading November Lush Haul.

All you need is LUSH.

Hello Everyone! Can I just say, Mazel Tov on surviving Monday! You did it!!! For me, today felt like it was dragging on; I just wanted to go home, drink a cup a tea, put on a bath and just relax with some sweet Damien Rice music playing in the background. As I was sitting in … Continue reading All you need is LUSH.