#tbt BFD, Google & San Francisco.

Hi Everyone! My friend, Simmi, and I decided to go to BFD last Saturday. This was our first time going to BFD and it was so much fun! We also did a mini trip to San Francisco and met up with my friend, Richard. Our trip was so memorable, that I knew this would be … Continue reading #tbt BFD, Google & San Francisco.

11 Road Trip Essentials.

Hello everyone! My best friend and I decided to go on a mini road trip to the Bay area this weekend! We have been planning this for months and I am beyond excited. As I was packing, I thought I should blog about (what I believe) the essentials to bring on a road trip when … Continue reading 11 Road Trip Essentials.

I can’t wear white after Labor Day?! Pish Posh.

After Labor Day Weekend, I still hear that famous old fashion rule, “No white after Labor Day”… People still believe in that rule? I thought the fashion world broke that rule in year 2006. I personally do not like this rule because I believe fashion should not have rules; fashion is a creative way to … Continue reading I can’t wear white after Labor Day?! Pish Posh.