DIY Pinterest Balloons.

Hi Everyone! Last Saturday I went to my friend's (Bri) bridal shower. It was filled with laughter, mimosas and happiness. I was asked if I can make these giant balloons because they're Bri's favorite.  Since Bri is one of my close friends, I said yes. If you're a Pinterest lover, like me, you know what … Continue reading DIY Pinterest Balloons.

Pumpkins & Glitter & October… Oh My!

Hello Everyone! October is coming to an end, so I figured I should get some pumpkins and do a crafty cat project! Marissa and I decided to carve pumpkins weeks ago but we both agreed that carving pumpkins is kinda dangerous. Think about it; our parents let us use a knife to cut open and carve a pumpkin... … Continue reading Pumpkins & Glitter & October… Oh My!

College Care Package [October Edition].

Hello everyone! Two posts in one day? That is insane! Anyways my tall baby brother, James, went off to his dream college this year! Yay!! However, he is three hours away from home which can kinda suck when you get home sick. My favorite month (aka October) is going to start tomorrow, so I decided … Continue reading College Care Package [October Edition].

Mason Jars + Herb Garden.

Have you ever noticed there is that one person who only post pictures of the food they eat or the food they cook on their social media sites? If you have never met anyone like this, then look no further! Hi, I am that person. I love to cook, especially with fresh ingredients. I usually … Continue reading Mason Jars + Herb Garden.