August Favorites.

Hi Everyone! Well, I'm officially back in school so that means summer is over. I hope you don't mind but I want to do an August Favorites today, even though it's September 3rd. Disney Annual Pass   If you follow me on Instagram, you'll probably see more Disneyland pictures because I am officially a Disney … Continue reading August Favorites.

Summer is Here!!!

Hello Everyone! Finals are over which means summer vacation is a go! If you follow me on my Instagram account you know I went to Los Angeles for the Lana Del Rey concert. Due to the limited amount of time, my friend and I had to cram in multiple activities within three days. We were able to … Continue reading Summer is Here!!!

Lana in May completed my day.

Hello Everyone! Today I had to wake up early to work on some Marketing projects. I didn't want to leave my boyfriend (aka my bed) so I decided to do what any "normal" person does, checks their Twitter feed in bed. In that moment I witnessed the most magical tweet from Live Nation; PRESALE TICKETS ON … Continue reading Lana in May completed my day.