My Summer Wishlist.

Hi Everyone! I graduated college and I was excused from jury duty which means... It's SUMMER!!!! I'm from Fresno, California and if you've never been to Fresno before, it gets really hot here! So far the weather hasn't been too bad but I am mentally preparing myself for the heat. Usually this is the time I go through … Continue reading My Summer Wishlist.

Study Abroad Tips.

Hello Everyone! Last year around this time, I got accepted for a summer study abroad program. My fellow business classmates and I studied at La Salle Bonanova located in Barcelona, Spain.  For those who are going to study abroad but do not know where to start, here are some helpful tips. Convert Currency Since I … Continue reading Study Abroad Tips.

Lana in May completed my day.

Hello Everyone! Today I had to wake up early to work on some Marketing projects. I didn't want to leave my boyfriend (aka my bed) so I decided to do what any "normal" person does, checks their Twitter feed in bed. In that moment I witnessed the most magical tweet from Live Nation; PRESALE TICKETS ON … Continue reading Lana in May completed my day.