Common Asked Vegan Questions.

Hi everyone! When I tell people that I'm vegan, the common questions I get are: "What do you eat?" "Are you sick of cooking?" "Isn't it expensive being vegan?" "Can you eat out?" I understand that people are curious; before I went vegan, I use to ask the same questions. I grew up in a family … Continue reading Common Asked Vegan Questions.

Vegan chicken & cauliflower mashed ‘potato’ bowl. 

Hello everyone! When I wasn't vegan one of my favorite things to eat was mashed potatoes topped with chicken nuggets and cheddar cheese. It was one of those bad cheat meals that you have once in a full moon. Sometimes I crave this but because I'm vegan (or plant based), I can't have it #veganproblems. … Continue reading Vegan chicken & cauliflower mashed ‘potato’ bowl. 

Pizza. Pizza is Everything.

What is the best way to spend the night in with a friend? Pizza. Not just any pizza, a homemade pizza. As much as I love getting a pizza for take away, it is not the same as a making your own pizza. It is super easy, fun for everyone and surprisingly cheap. Here are the … Continue reading Pizza. Pizza is Everything.