look_itsLaura’s Favorite Juice Concoction.

Hi Everyone!

I was asked by a family friend what my favorite green juice brands. For those who are wondering, my favorite brands are Pressed Juicery and Suja Juice. The one thing I don’t like about green juices is the price; fresh organic vegetables and fruits make things super expensive. When you’re on a college budget that is addicted to shoes, this can be an issue. Last christmas, my dad bought me an Omega juicer and I love it! I’ve been experimenting with some juice recipes and I thought I should share it with you on today’s post!

You Will Need:

  • Juicer
  • 1 1/2 apples
  • a bushel of Kale
  • two celery sticks
  • 1/2 a lemon
  • 1 cucumber

STEP 1: Wash and Cut your produce!

I know some people don’t like washing their produce, but please wash your produce. You never know what germs are on there. Also, when you’re juicing you need to cut your produce. Sometimes it can clog the juicer or it just won’t fit.

Step 2: Juicer

Grab your juicer and make sure you have all of your equipment. I really like my Omega Juicer for various reasons: 1) my dad bought it for me; 2) It juices quickly; 3) it’s super powerful and 4) it’s easy to clean up. It also saves the pulp/ skin from your fruits and veggies. If you don’t have an Omega Juicer, I’m 94% sure you’ll be fine 🙂

STEP 3: Apples First

 The first item you’re going to juice is the apples; 1 1/2 apples gets you about a cup of juice. Once that’s done, put this in a cup. I like to juice my apples separately and I’ll explain later on.

STEP 4: Juice the Rest

Do you see the rest of your produce? Juice all of it. Yep, there’s not an order on how to juice these veggies (and the 1/2 of your lemon) so go for it! Your juice is going to look like something your lawn mower spit up. Or if you live in California, your juice will be green #CAdrought

STEP 5: Mix together 


Now this is the fun part; get a large glass and pour about half of your apple juice into it. Then you’re going to pour the green juice. If you still have a bit of wiggle room, use the rest of the apple juice to fill the cup.


I like putting the apple juice on the bottom because I drink these juices, I use a straw. Green juice usually has a grassy smell so when you add the apple, it makes it a bit sweeter. I usually just mix it for good measure but if you don’t have to.

Step 6: Enjoy!


And you’re done! I know there’s a lot of other Green Juices but I like these items mixed together.

Thank you so much for reading my blog today! I hope you try this recipe. If you liked today’s blog post, please click the like button and if you haven’t already, please subscribe. I gotta go clean up my mess so I will see you on Tuesday! 🙂

4 thoughts on “look_itsLaura’s Favorite Juice Concoction.

  1. I need to try this recipe, had one two days back I am still recovering from the cleanse, my issue is taste so I am willing to try different kinds to find my flavor so as to speak…again thanks for the recipe

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