College Care Package Under $20.

Hi Everyone!

Last week was sooo busy for me! On Thursday, my parents and I went down to U.C. Riverside to move my brother back home. Fun fact: my brother is not a full time student at Riverside. This summer my brother decided to go beyond the distance and do four summer school classes this summer. He did one class at the *college he normally attends and the other three were at U.C. Riverside. It took us 6 hours to drive home and we didn’t get home till 1 am. On Sunday, my family and I moved him back to his college which is located in Northern California… I’m exhausted from moving and I don’t want to see another dorm.

I sent my brother a Care Package last year and I thought it would be nice to give him another Care Package to kick off this semester. I decided to run to Target and challenge myself to only spend $20. Most people think that’s not a challenge but for a shopaholic it is. Also have you check out prices nowadays??? Things are expensive. Everything in this Care Package are things that my brother likes and uses.

Check out my receipt breakdown:

  • Twix Bites ($2.66)
  • Strawberry Pop-Tarts ($1.99)
  • Starbucks’s Mocha Energy Drink ($2.79)
  • Hand Sanitizer ($1.89)
  • Contigo Stainless Steel Cup ($8.99)
  • Tax 8.2250%= (1.51)

TOTAL: $19.83

I just wanted to show everyone care packages doesn’t have to be super expensive. You could even go to the Dollar Tree to make your care package. I know if I got a care package of hummus, I probably would cry (hint hint hummus companies). If you liked today’s blog post please click the like button! And if you haven’t already, please subscribe to my blog. I post every Tuesday and Thursday 🙂

*To protect my brother’s privacy, I will not label what college he attends

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