I wear Crop Tops to Weddings.

Hello Everyone!

A couple days ago, I attended my friend’s wedding; the groom cried twice, the bride looked absolutely stunning but most importantly they looked extremely happy and utterly in love. So shout out and a huge mazel tov to Mr. and Mrs. Sozinho!!!

Ladies and gentlemen I must confess, I wore a crop top to their wedding. Cue in the gasps. You’re probably thinking, “LAURA! That’s not appropriate for this type of event!” I agree but I am also going to have to disagree. I feel that as long as your crop top is length appropriate, paired properly, and is made well it is acceptable to wear a crop top to a wedding.

I went with a matching crop top and a high waisted pencil skirt from A.L.C. The crop top hit right above my belly button but since my skirt was high waisted, you barely saw any tummy. The crop top also had thicker straps and did not show any cleavage. Since this was a matching outfit, the colors (black, white and mint green) were consistent from top to bottom.

503516342_model_1 alc-black-campbell-striped-wrap-effect-skirt-product-1-17106509-2-617925948-normal_large_flex

The crop top and skirt material is rayon, nylon and spandex; rayon is a thick fiber, nylon is a silky material and spandex is a stretchy material. This combo of materials look like I am wearing a body con dress; it looks tight but the outfit is so comfortable and hugs my body in the right places. And the best part was, it did not look like a club outfit; it was an appropriate length, it was made well and the outfit looked put together.

I got this outfit in August and I have been dying to wear it! The great thing about wearing a crop top and skirt to a wedding is that you can wear it again. I have dresses that I’ve only worn once for a wedding and I probably will never wear again. At least I can make this crop top look like a casual day outfit by combining it with high waited black jeans.


I apologize for only taking one full picture of this outfit; I have been extremely busy and did not have the time to do a mini photo shoot. But I do hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you did, make sure to comment below and tell me what else you would like me to blog about! Hope everyone is doing well, and again a big congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Sozinho!

3 thoughts on “I wear Crop Tops to Weddings.

  1. Thinking outside the box … LOVE IT. I know what you mean – Mum paid around $400 for my dress for my brother’s wedding in 2013. It’s now too small (it can’t zip up anymore) and I won’t ever be able to wear it again, unless I go to a party with the theme ‘Formal Dresses Which Are Too Small’.
    Thank you so much for legalising the crop top for nuptials and I look forward to more lookitslaura. Love ya, girl! xx

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