October Favorites.

I feel like I need to explain why I haven’t been posting for the past two weeks. October wasn’t the greatest for me: I had the stomach flu, I was throwing up constantly, I was dealing with midterms, I am working on a project and to top it all off, my grandmother passed away. Nothing was going right and I wasn’t in the right mindset to be blogging.. I don’t want to say, “October was the absolute worst” because that would be a lie. I did have some favorite things this month and I would love to share it with you.

MAC Lipstick

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I love getting new lipstick during the fall season. I usually wear lipsticks during this season, don’t ask me why but I do. I recently got MAC’s Stone lipstick and the Cork lip pencil.  I usually stick to super dark berry colors but this one is a greyish brown color. This lipstick and lip pencil pushed me out of my comfort zone but I love how it contrasts with my skin tone. I think this is a lipstick that can be a hit or miss, so I would recommend trying it on first before buying it.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I finally ran out of Moroccan Oil. I read online that the Moroccanoil brand was rated one of the top products for hair. Luckily for me, my hairdresser was selling this. Moroccanoil is AMAZING! With just a tiny bit of oil, it makes your hair shiny and smooth. It makes my hair look like I just came out of a salon, which let’s be honest is the best feeling ever.

Teddy Bear Robe

I bought this Teddy Bear robe last year but now that it’s getting cold, I can finally wear it! I love this robe because it’s like a soft blanket. I keep this robe right next to my bed so when I get up, I don’t have to deal with that awkward, “wtf why is it this cold” moment. I’m glad that Topshop is still selling this awesome robe 🙂

Peppermint Tea

When I had the stomach flu, I couldn’t eat anything. If I even tried to eat something, I would just throw up. I am pretty sure that flu was equivalent as hell. The only things I can handle were water, gatorade and peppermint tea. Peppermint tea really helped my nausea and it was a hot drink I can sip throughout the day. I got the HT brand because I really liked the tin, the tea is good too just fyi

Back to the Future Newspaper

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 9.42.53 PM

Even though I am a 90s child, I grew up watching the Back to the Future movies. My brother and I would watch these movies when we were at the babysitter’s house. This year marked their 30th anniversary and to honor Back to the Future’s awesomeness, USA Today made a replica newspaper page from Back to the Future pt2.  I went to three different Starbucks to find this newspaper and I got my copy! I was so excited that I purchased a frame for it.. Yea I’m a nerd.

Daylight Savings Time

You get an extra hour of sleep and it’s darker.. I think I explained myself enough.

Those were some of my favorites this month. I know it’s not the best list this month but when you’re sick, you can’t really do anything. I am sorry if I let you down, but I hope you understand my situation. I’m letting go of the past and I am looking forward to November! If you liked today’s post, thank you. I am going to go back to my Tuesday and Thursday schedule again. Hope you had a wonderful day!

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