College Care Package [October Edition].

Hello everyone!

Two posts in one day? That is insane! Anyways my tall baby brother, James, went off to his dream college this year! Yay!! However, he is three hours away from home which can kinda suck when you get home sick. My favorite month (aka October) is going to start tomorrow, so I decided to send him a little College Care Package that is October/Halloween themed. I thought I should show you what I am sending him and hopefully this will inspire you to send your friends, siblings, significant other, or uncle an October care package.



When planning out what types of candies I wanted to buy, I wanted to make sure the candy would not melted when I send them off. Chocolate M&Ms was out of the picture (sorry James). The two that I thought would not melt was gummy worms and peeps ghosts.


I also found these cool gumball eye candies, at Joanns, that just screamed Halloween. I put the gumballs in a Halloween box, but I would recommend a festive plastic bag instead.




Pocket Size Hand Sanitizer


When I think of October, I think of Halloween and getting sick; my brother does not have the time to get sick. I got my brother a pocket size hand sanitizer from Bath and Body Works; They have a 5 for $5 deal so make sure to get some hand sanitizer for yourself. My brother complains that Bath and Body Works smells like a girl store, so I made sure to get him “Ocean for Men”… See James, they sell guy stuff too. I wrapped his hand sanitizer in black tulle and hemp string.



I do not care what people say, I love getting and sending cards. That includes: Christmas cards, thank you cards, birthday cards, moving day cards… etc. I love cards. I think sending a card is a sweet gesture compared to texting and emailing. James is a huge fan of the famous TV show, The Walking Dead; Zombies +James+ this card= best sister award.

 My brother survives off of caffeine; I figured he would want a gift card to Starbucks to take a caffeine break and possibly take a girl out to get some coffee. Most likely this girl would get a pumpkin spice latte (my assumption… But let’s be honest. I am probably right). Did I just make myself my brother’s wingman for coffee dates? I sure did. You are welcome James.

Pumpkin Shape Cookie


Me + baking= crappy desserts. I wanted to make sure my brother got a halloween theme sugar cookie but my baking skills is like my hairstyling skills; terrible. Being the lazy girl I am, I bought him a sugar cookie from Panera Bread. This jack-o- lantern cookie is super scary, especially the calories intake. Just don’t tell James.



Yes this hoodie is not Halloween or October themed. I figured since this is my brother’s first year in college, he is away from home and he has to do his own laundry. Knowing guys in college, they really do not do their laundry. The weather my brother is living is getting cooler; I am pretty sure James forgot to pack sweaters. This gave me the reason to go shopping at H&M and it gives James a day off from washing clothes.

I hope this October theme care package inspires you to send off a care package to your friends and family members. I would also like to point out that I mailed this three days before October started so James can get this on October 1st. Leave a comment below if you liked this idea and I would love to see what care packages you have sent 🙂


2 thoughts on “College Care Package [October Edition].

  1. I love reading your blog…I just miss most of them coming across my feed for some reason, and I am old and cannot remember to check unless I see one on my FB feed! So alas, I have to bing read when one comes up….so thank you for making my Saturday morning. And thank you for loving your sweet brother like you do! I love him too! Do you know I prayed for him while he was still in your mothers womb? He had a miraculous beginning! Oh, and when ever you decide to conquer those poor baking skills, I have a great kitchen (oooh, you haven’t seen the remodel/update! Think granite/ two toned cabinets), and would love to be teacher for a day!


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